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Keep your staff motivated and refreshed with a range of tailored commercial beverage packs that can be ordered on a weekly or monthly basis for easier rationing. Staff packs that we offer include:

Pre-mix Packs

Tea & Coffee
Staff Packs

As our speciality service, Tea and Coffee Staff Packs are one of the most popular products available to order through Tricor Beverages and Chemicals (PTY) LTD . These packs comprise separate rations of instant coffee or tea bags, as well as sugar and creamer. Each individual pack provides sufficient refreshment for employees for a week or month, depending on your requirements.

Additional items can also be added on request, such as toilet rolls or other requirements that your employees may have. Every employee is responsible for making their own pack last for the duration of a week or month, and everyone has their own supplies rather than using communal supplies shared by all.

Pre-Mix Packs from Tricor Beverages and Chemicals (PTY) LTD offer an affordable and simple solution for companies seeking tea and coffee supplies. Powdered ingredients such as coffee/tea, sugar and creamer are pre-mixed and packaged into bags. As each pack is mixed according to your specific requirements, it will provide sufficient tea or coffee for each employee over the course of a specified duration.

Preparing the packs are as simple as adding the contents to a large urn, with no need to add anything else. This option is useful for staff canteens

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